Something for Everyone: Cedar, Vanilla, Vetiver

The Face and Beard Oil | Santa Monica

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We met in Santa Monica and started The Handsome Bee just north of the famed (but always way-too-crowded) Promenade. 

Santa Monica has an appeal to just about everyone. Surfers, hikers, and loungers can all find common ground over a pint and a burger, and our hope is that this blend has the same universal appeal. 

We created it to be subtle and approachable for everyone, an easy balance between a bit of sweetness, a bright acidity, and a swashbuckling note of cedar to round it out. 

Wear it to the office, on a date, to the beach...wherever. We don't care. You'll smell amazing and you will look great. 


Sustainably Sourced, Unrefined Ingredients

Organic Jojoba Oil

From family farms in Arizona

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

From family farms in Mexico

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From family farms in California