No Added Scent: Just A Hint of Coconut

The Face and Beard Oil - Eureka

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Look, we get it. 

You want to take care of your face. You understand the importance of oil. There's just one thing. 

You don't want a scent following you around. 

You're not alone. Such is the life of many a man. 

We haven't forgotten about you. Our Eureka blend -- our original creation -- has all the antibacterial and antiseptic properties you need to keep your beard looking good and feeling fine, but we leave it alone beyond that. 

Nobody will know why your beard looks so good, and we promise not to tell. 


Sustainably Sourced, Unrefined Ingredients

Organic Jojoba Oil

From family farms in Arizona

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

From family farms in Mexico

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From family farms in California


Note: Because we use natural coconut oil, our grooming oil can harden at cold temperatures. You will be tempted to panic. Don't. Just follow these simple steps.

1.) Make yourself some hot chocolate because it is clearly cold where you are, and you deserve it. 

2.) Run the bottle under hot water for 30 seconds or move it to a warmer location. 

3.) Apply to your handsome face.