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The Oil

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"I only date guys who wear Handsome Bee."

-Margot Robbie

Did she really say this? No. But is it possible that she said this? Also no.

The Journey

The journey of The Handsome Bee begins, as every great story does, with a beard. 

In this case, the beard belonged to our co-founder, Rory, who soon realized that the existing beard oils were not befitting of his new, luscious mane. He saw beard oils with synthetic ingredients that left his hands feeling greasy following the application. 

There are probably bigger problems in the world, but this felt like one that he could solve. 

While Rory wanted only to create something that he felt good about putting on his own face, it soon became clear that his bearded friends were as perturbed by the lack of quality beard oils as Rory was, so he decided to make it for the masses. 

Look, we've all seen Shark Tank. 

As a master gardener with a deep interest in social responsibility, he enlisted Nick, a good friend and fellow beardsman, who shamefully and abhorrently used no beard oil at all, to help realize this vision. What Nick lacked in knowledge about beard care, he more than made up for in knowledge about... bees?

Despite being stung on the inside of his mouth when he was ten, he quite likes bees and had been ruminating around how best to support them when Rory came to him. 

Given that bees pollinate many of the oil-producing species responsible for the products on this internet website, the marriage seemed as perfect as a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

With a clear and simple vision of creating the best beard oil in the world and halting the demise of one of the world's most important creatures, now all they had to do was create a product. 

In this case, a person could've become a lawyer and passed the bar in the time it took us to do it, but after hundreds of failed formulas, we're proud of the final result. 

Long live the bees. 

Handsome Bees

A Handsome Gift

Do you know a handsome man with a beard? A handsome man with a face? They deserve to be celebrated. Give the gift of healthier skin and hair with the added bonus of saving the bees and thus, the entire ecosystem.

The Best Gift is the Best Beard Oil